GIT cheatsheet

Useful commands for your everyday life.

Cancel the last commit and keep the modifications

git reset --soft HEAD@{1}

Add files to an already existing commit

git commit --amend

Vous avez deux commits déjà créés, vous souhaitez les fusionner pour n'en laisser qu'un :

Combine 2 commits

git rebase -i HEAD~2 # "pick" the first commit and "fixup" the second one to make it disappear

Automatically add new files with GIT

git ls-files -o | git update-index --add --stdin git commit -a

In the following parts, SHAx represents the ID of the commit x.

Cancel a commit in the middle of others

git rebase --onto SHA1~1 SHA2

See commits related to a file

git log -- filename

See changed files between 2 branches

git diff --stat --color branch_1..branch_2

See changed files between 2 commits

git diff --name-only SHA1 SHA2 # The same result with details on the change git diff --name-status SHA1 SHA2

See all changes since the last commit

git diff -- # or git diff -- filename

Copy a file from a branch to another

# Copy a file of branch_1 to branch_2 git checkout branch_2 git checkout branch_1 -- filename

Find who to blame for a crappy code

git blame filename

Subscribe and pull a remote branch

git checkout -b branch_x repository_x/branch_x